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about Gina

I discovered the Pilates Method while I was a college student in New Orleans.  I was fortunate enough to work as a front desk manager for Uncle Joe's Pilates studio for a time. I say "fortunate", because I witnessed on a daily basis as the amazing instructors worked with their clients to bring them back to health. It became clear to me quite quickly that Pilates was not just about fitness, it was truly about helping and connecting with human beings one at a time while they worked to achieve their goals.  

In 2001 I moved to Colorado and was still committed to my own personal Pilates practice. I realized quickly I wanted a future teaching the Pilates Method and all it had to offer. I graduated from the internationally renowned Pilates Center in 2004, and have never regretted my decision. I now have over 14 years experience teaching Pilates. 

I am fortunate to say under the tutelage of one of the most renowned and experienced teacher of teachers, Cara Reeser for 10 years, I was able to expand my knowledge and vision of the Pilates Method.  Although I enjoy teaching everyone, I specialize in chronic low back pain, as well as pre/post hip surgery patients.  A family love for ice hockey led to a collaboration with The Goalie Guild to develop a movement education program for hockey athletes we call Off the Ice, Onto the Mat

In order to more effectively help my clients improve their total health, I obtained an additional degree in nutrition which I incorporate into my practice on a regular basis. You'll often hear me say that food and movement are medicine for mind, body and spirit and I am passionate about showing you how.  



B.S. Communications & Photojournalism  Loyola University, New Orleans, 2001

The Pilates Center of Boulder Teacher Training Program, 2004

The Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program® with Cara Reeser,  2014

Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, The Nutrition Therapy Institute of Colorado, 2013

PMA Certified

PMA Continuing Education Provider





I am available to offer small Continuing Education Workshops for Pilates Method Alliance Continuing Education Credits. I can tailor any workshop to your interests or needs. 

Please contact me directly for more details.


I initially became interested in the study of Nutrition in order to seek answers for my own personal health issues. After experiencing firsthand how a holistic approach to eating changed almost every aspect of my life, I felt a strong urge to help my Pilates clients, should they desire a more in-depth approach to their wellness. I graduated from the Nutrition Therapy Institute of Colorado in 2013 with a diploma and the designation of Nutrition Therapy Practitioner. If you are interested in Nutritional coaching or support, please contact me!  

Initial Session $120: 1.5 hours. Includes a thorough review of your health history, an in-depth analysis of your first food journal, and nutritional recommendations as you begin your journey to improved health. If you do not live in Denver, we can have a virtual meeting. 

Follow Up Sessions $70: 1 hour. I encourage a long-term approach to reaching your health goals as it takes time for your body to heal from the inside out and its important to re-evaluate your goals on a regular basis. I usually suggest three follow-up sessions after your intake session.  

Packages are available, contact me directly for more details. 








The Pilates Method is extremely versatile: whether you are interested in increasing your flexibility and range of motion, moving safely without pain, or enhancing your current fitness regimen, Pilates is for you. I offer private or duet Pilates sessions in Denver, Colorado within The Pilates Collective located at 2765 S. Colorado Blvd.  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more, have specific questions about the Pilates Method or to set up a session.

If you do not live in Denver but are looking for a way to begin your Pilates practice, the Pilates Method Alliance is an excellent resource. 

Private Lessons (1 hour)
$85 for a single session
$800 for 10 sessions

Pilates Duet Lessons (1 hour)
$50 for a single session (per person)
$450 for 10 sessions

Events and Travel

I am available for private hire for special events, including spa weekends, wellness parties, and athletic endeavors (triathlon, marathon, cycling races). 

Please contact me directly for more details. Every event is different as are the needs of the participant. 


I initially visited Gina for her Pilates expertise because of lower back and hip pain. Through her intimate knowledge of how the body works and her encouraging coaching style I no longer live with discomfort and pain. My sessions engage my body and my brain - and I feel strong and healthy in her hands.
— Alicia Y.
I am fascinated not only with the Pilates Method and its history, but with movement of all kinds. I love learning about anatomy & kinesiology, alignment and the many intricate ways our bodies ‘speak’ to us on a daily basis. I have a passion for learning about the brain and how it works, especially as it relates to pain. My bedside table is full of books. I am ALWAYS a student, and I keep up with continuing education that the Pilates Method Alliance requires.
— Gina De Soto



THE BODY OF KNOWLEDGE PHILOSOPHY is simple: educating yourself about movement and/or nutrition can empower you to work WITH your body instead of against it. Gone are the days of being aggressive towards yourself and being disappointed with the outcome: let’s work together with an approach that’s customized just for you to support your body, mind and spirit. It's all about how you FEEL in your OWN skin; one size does NOT fit all.  

I FIRMLY BELIEVE: that together we can help you begin to feel amazing and have a quality and zest of life that is often considered unattainable.  I am committed to helping you find YOUR way. I will never take too many clients at once, because I want to give you the attention you deserve.

IF I CANNOT HELP YOU I KNOW SOMEONE WHO CAN:  I believe in having a team of holistic health professionals in your corner, if necessary, and I know amazing practitioners that I can refer you to; they are nothing short of genius.

Email me directly: or fill out the form below and I'll be in touch! 


I see Gina de Soto for both Pilates and nutrition and am thrilled with the results. I suffer from chronic back and neck pain and whether I am in a private session or a full mat class she provides special attention to my injuries to ensure I am safe and strong in all my movements.

As far as nutrition goes, I was a smart eater prior to meeting with Gina, but learned several things that improved my overall energy and view of eating. Goodbye non-fat milk, hello full-fat grass fed dairy, yogurt and butter!!! Oh and don’t forget the coconut oil.

Gina brings joy, intelligence and humor to everything she does, I couldn’t be happier.
— Beccy D.
I have been working with Gina for many years. She has been influential in my life and how I approach the body both as a student and a teacher of movement.
I have also sought Gina’s guidance with nutrition and she has helped my stomach aches go away. She keeps working until she finds the problem and then works to solve it.
— Yael T.