THE BODY OF KNOWLEDGE PHILOSOPHY is simple: educating yourself about movement and/or nutrition can empower you to work WITH your body instead of against it. Gone are the days of being aggressive towards yourself and being disappointed with the outcome: let’s work together with an approach that’s customized just for you to support your body, mind and spirit. It's all about how you FEEL in your OWN skin; one size does NOT fit all.  

I FIRMLY BELIEVE: that together we can help you begin to feel amazing and have a quality and zest of life that is often considered unattainable.  I am committed to helping you find YOUR way. I will never take too many clients at once, because I want to give you the attention you deserve.

IF I CANNOT HELP YOU I KNOW SOMEONE WHO CAN:  I believe in having a team of holistic health professionals in your corner, if necessary, and I know amazing practitioners that I can refer you to; they are nothing short of genius.

Email me directly: bodyofknowledgeco@gmail.com or fill out the form below and I'll be in touch! 


I see Gina de Soto for both Pilates and nutrition and am thrilled with the results. I suffer from chronic back and neck pain and whether I am in a private session or a full mat class she provides special attention to my injuries to ensure I am safe and strong in all my movements.

As far as nutrition goes, I was a smart eater prior to meeting with Gina, but learned several things that improved my overall energy and view of eating. Goodbye non-fat milk, hello full-fat grass fed dairy, yogurt and butter!!! Oh and don’t forget the coconut oil.

Gina brings joy, intelligence and humor to everything she does, I couldn’t be happier.
— Beccy D.
I have been working with Gina for many years. She has been influential in my life and how I approach the body both as a student and a teacher of movement.
I have also sought Gina’s guidance with nutrition and she has helped my stomach aches go away. She keeps working until she finds the problem and then works to solve it.
— Yael T.