about Gina

I entered into the world of Pilates while I was a college student in New Orleans. My very first teachers were Master Instructors Larry Gibas and Monica Wilson who owned Uncle Joe’s Pilates Studio in Uptown New Orleans.  Luckily, I was offered a job as the receptionist of the studio. During that time, I watched in awe as the amazing instructors worked on a daily basis to bring their clients back to health. I realized then, that Pilates was not just about fitness, it was about connecting with human beings one at a time and helping them achieve their goals.  

After earning my Communications & Photojournalism degree from Loyola University I moved to Colorado and worked in the art departments of various companies for a few years. This experience was eye-opening at the time:  digital media was coming into the foray and my darkroom experience was becoming obsolete.  In addition, I felt I wanted to help people in a more concrete way.  I was still committed to my own personal Pilates practice, and Pilates studios are easily found in Colorado. I decided to apply to the Pilates Center of Boulder’s Teacher Training Program and shortly thereafter, quit my “real job” in the Publication world. I graduated from the internationally renowned Pilates Center in 2004, and have never regretted my decision.

In 2012 I had some personal  health struggles (Hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance, low back pain, a weakened immune system) that led me to the Nutritional Therapy Institute of Colorado. I was very interested in learning about the science of Nutrition and I believed that food could strengthen me, and possibly help me combat some of my issues. My instincts were correct! I was able to eliminate many of my health issues, and I graduated from the Institute in 2013 with a Diploma as a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner. I learned so much in that year of schooling and I am delighted to share that knowledge with anyone and everyone!   


B.S. Communications & Photojournalism  Loyola University, New Orleans, 2001

The Pilates Center of Boulder Teacher Training Program, 2004

The Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program® with Cara Reeser,  2014

Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, The Nutrition Therapy Institute of Colorado, 2013

PMA Certified

PMA Continuing Education Provider