June 8th Workshop

"Above all, learn how to breathe correctly."

                                          - Joseph Pilates

By now, many of us are aware that a great tool for dealing with stress is to adopt a mindfulness-based practice into our lives on a regular basis. Whether it be Pilates or yoga, tai-chi or meditation, having and honing in on a mindfulness-based practice is beneficial across the board. Doctors, coaches, therapists and educators are providing us with research that shows how mindfulness can positively affect our health, immunity, brain chemistry and even our relationships! 

At the root of many of the mindfulness-based practices is the breath. Focusing on your breath is a simple and effective way to get grounded and centered and can be its own mindful practice if you don't have much time for anything else. 

Joseph Pilates knew this, and he was really on to something when he created his method. It's a physical fitness practice coupled with alignment training, strength building, stretching AND breathing. It's essentially "meditation by movement"! How awesome is that?

During this 2 hour Workshop//class, we are going to explore a variety of breathing exercises and techniques culled not only from the Pilates method and its lineage of teachers, but also from yoga and other movement based educators. Then we are going to get moving! Expect a brisk and thorough "moving meditation" Pilates Mat class where you can practice some of the new breathing techniques you've learned. 

The goal is to give you a new mental and physical portfolio of breathing exercises to take home with you that you can practice anytime, anywhere and to help you view the Pilates Method through a different lens as you experience how much it has to offer: not only in terms of fitness but also in its application as a tool to soothe and abate the inevitable daily stresses we all encounter!

WHEN: June 8th, 2018 4:30-6:30pm

WHERE: The Pilates Collective, Denver.  http://www.pilatescollectivedenver.com/

COST: $45

*all levels of fitness and all ages are welcome: this would be a great class to bring a friend to, especially if they've never given Pilates a try!

*if you are injured or have a concern about your participation in this Class do not hesitate to contact me prior to scheduling. Email: bodyofknowledgeco@gmail.com

Gina Soto